Monday, November 29, 2010


There is a special little boy, Andy who will be returning to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital this week for his extensive round of tests that he has to undergo on a regular basis to check to see if the "c" word is still gone from his system.
Please keep Andy and his family in your prayers that he will remain cancer free! God has answered prayers for this family and he will continue to embrace them.
Also, please keep in your prayers Amy who just lost her husband in a motorcycle accident this past weekend. They laid him to rest today. She is a wonderful, sweet woman. She kept my oldest daughter when she was little when I had to go to the football games at the high school.
I am also praying for all who need prayers at this time! There are many who are hurting, undergoing treatments, family problems, sick not only physically but mentally and those who have no families during the holiday season.


Simply Joy Catering said...

Amen Sister! Prayers need to be lifted for Andy and his family and all who you listed. What an uplifting post. Prayer does work!

Debbie said... is amazing to me that in todays' world we are almost use to having non personal relationships....we text,we e-mail, we are put on hold and then have to punch a series of buttons, and to just know we can talk to God and he gives US his undivided attention, WOW, yes prayer is important and HE does listen. Andy, Amy and many others are in my prayers. much love to you sweet Susan.