Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boy I sure am a bad blogger. I know it's been awhile since I posted anything. It just seems like it has been so busy now that school has started esp with these new teacher evaluations this year on top of my other state dept. evaluations. There never seems to be enough time!!
Anyway, this picture was in our local newspaper today. I am very honored and surprised to receive our school systems teacher of the month award at our school board meeting this past month. Also, on my quest of getting my life back with Take Shape for Life....I have now lost 55 lbs. and over 23 over all inches!! Yeah me!!
I have a few more lbs to go but at least it is reachable now. I just have to keep pushing myself and staying focused!
I am also blessed to have a very special guy in my life right now too! God and life are good!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sisters and daughters!

My daughters attended a wedding this past weekend. I was so glad that someone took this picture of them together! I can't believe how they are growing into wonderful mature young ladies! If you have young children, you had better not blink because they will be grown in no time! I am so thankful that even though they are 4 years apart in age, they are still very close to each other.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting my life back in balance!!

Before my journey began (above)
Spring 2011

July 2011
40 lbs lighter!

For the past 4 months I have been on a great journey to get my life back in balance and started taking care of myself and getting healthy again! I cannot tell you how much better I feel and I hope to get off all my meds soon. Yes I am taking blood pressure pills, cholesterol pills, and sugar pills! All my numbers are in control now and I sure hope when I got back to my dr. in Sept. she will take me off some of these!
I have decided that I am going to try and help others who are in the same boat as myself. Who have fought this battle most of their lives. Yes I have done all the fad diets, WW, etc too prob just like you have unless you are the fortunate one who has not had to deal with being overweight. The program that I have had the wonderful opportunity to take part in is called "Take Shape for Life". You have a free health coach (which would be me when I get started with this) and you supplement your eating with the Medifast foods (eat 5 per day and one lean and green meal). It is the easiest and best thing that I have EVER done for myself.
If you are interested, just send me a message and I will get back with you on the program.
I do have a few more pounds to go before reaching my goal but the first 40 gone was my first goal to reach and I am proud to say that I am at that first goal!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We have a TTU Golden Girl!!

Congratulations to my youngest daughter, Leah!!! Last weekend she tried out for the Tennessee Tech Golden Girls Dance Team and she made the team!!!! This will be her 2nd year at TTU and I am so excited that she is dancing again! It will be so much fun to go to the football and basketball games now to support her :)
She danced on the high school dance team (picture above is her senior year) for 4 years and has taken dance lessons just about all of her life!!
Congratulations Leah! I am sooooo very proud of you!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Love Being a Mom!!

I sure do LOVE being a mom to these two beautiful, special young ladies! They made my mothers day such a fabulous day!!
Love you both to the moon and back!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Lauren!!

Happy Birthday to my April Fool's Baby!!!! She was 23 years old yesterday!! I just can't believe my oldest baby is all grown up, graduated with a teaching degree and is now supporting herself!! I am so proud of her! She is such a great person with her head on straight and knows exactly what she wants in life :) A mom could not ask for anymore in raising her children! Esp in this day and time!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh the beautiful sunshine!!!

These past week here in Tennessee has been a beautiful one to say the least!! This is our first week in quite awhile with no snow!! The temp has been in the mid 60's for most days. It has been a little overcast a few days but still wonderful!
Since I teach preschool, it has been extra nice to be able to take the children outside to play in the nice weather. It sure helps to get outside and run some of that energy off. I wish that I had just a little bit of a 4 year olds energy :)
I noticed that the buttercups are starting to pop up. You know the old saying about winter isn't over until is snows on them?? Well it probably will be true and snow a little more before spring is truly here.
I hope everyone had a great Valentines week and it was special to you in some way.
March will soon be here before we know it !!!! Everyone have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Valentines!!

I know it is not hardly Valentines Day yet but....these are the two prettiest Valentines that I could ever daughters!! Deacon, our dog well he is not exactly in the same category as the girls but he is smiling at you and keeps me company. I love him dearly too!!
Happy Valentines Day!! Mom loves you :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wow it's a Winter Wonderland Outside!!!!!!

Woke up to a beautiful, white snow this morning!! It is sticking to the trees and my dogs look like they don't have a clue what to do! Of course, we do not have school today and probably won't the rest of the week since it is not supposed to get out of the low 30's all week and in the teens at night here in Tennessee.

It looks like we might have 6 inches of snow right now and more on the way between today and tomorrow!! I wish the girls were still small and were home to enjoy the day out playing and sledding in the snow. When they were growing up, we just did not get that much snow at all and they got to sled very little. Oh well, maybe they will find friends to sled with in Cookeville and Murfreesboro today and get to enjoy it ;)

Everyone stay warm and enjoy some hot chocolate today!

For today.......

Outside my window.... Beautiful snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About 6 inches!! and still going strong!

I am chocolate would be good right now!!

I am hearing.....nice and quite

I am thankful....that I have a job (teaching) that when it is bad weather I do not have to get out and drive in it like many people do. I hope everyone stays safe!

I am remembering....what fun I had when I was younger sledding down the hill in the back of my house!

I am wearing.... Still in my PJ's!

I am start on my new sewing project for a teacher at Lauren's school. Fixing her curtains!

I am hoping....that we have some snow days from school next week! (looks like my wish from last week has come true!)

One of my favorite things......Being snowed in and can't go anywhere! (same with this comment from last week! I am def snowed in!!)

Around the house....All is quite here now. Leah went on back to Cookeville last night with my encouraging. I was afraid that she would not make it back if she waited to go sometime closer to Thursday when her classes start! So glad she went on back for sure!

I am praying....that everyone stays safe if traveling in snowy weather today!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow!

For today.......

Outside my window.... It looks like I live in a snow globe right now! The snow is just coming down and the wind is blowing too! Just beautiful!

I am chocolate would be good right now!!

I am hearing.....nice and quite

I am thankful....that I have a warm home!

I am remembering....what fun I had when I was younger sledding down the hill in the back of my house!

I am wearing.... It's Saturday! In my warm up suit! Nice and comfy :)

I am going....get started again sewing on my daughters curtains for her classroom. Almost halfway done!

I am hoping....that we have some snow days from school next week!

One of my favorite things......Being snowed in and can't go anywhere!

Around the house....youngest daughter will be leaving this next week to start college classes again! Sure has been nice having her around for a few weeks. Guess it will get nice and quiet again.

I am praying....that everyone stays safe if traveling in snowy weather today!

They say that we might get more snowy weather Sunday night thru Tuesday here! We will see!!
Everyone have a wonderful day!

Remember if you expect the worst out of your day that is what you will get! If you expect the best that is what you will get! I pick .......the best!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For today.......

For today.......

Outside my window.... It looks very cold again outside! There is ice on the window shield so I have already gone out and started the car to warm!! Weatherman says there might be some light white stuff late this afternoon. We'll see....

I am thinking.....need to get started on Lauren's curtains for her classroom this afternoon!

I am hearing.....the dogs fussing with one another outside

I am thankful....for coffee every morning!!

I am remembering....not to forget my lunch today!

I am wearing.... blue jeans/white shirt/lime green blouse (my favorite)

I am try and start exercising more this afternoon!

I am hoping....that everyone will have a great day!

One of my favorite things......All You magazine!

Around the house....youngest daughter is still here until next week when her college classes begin again :)

I am praying....for all those who are undergoing treatments at this time for cancer and other related illnesses

Everyone have a great day today! If you expect the worst, you will get the worst, if you expect the best you will get that too!! You decide!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Work I Go!!!

Well I am not off to a good start with my daily journal entries am I??? Well I have a good excuse.....after church yesterday my mom and I headed to Murfreesboro to see my daughter and her new classroom plus we got in a little shopping as well!! I will do better today even though I have to go back to school but just for inservice today. My sweet, precious preschoolers will be back tomorrow!!

Monday, Jan. 3, 2011

For today.......

Outside my window....It looks very cold! There is ice on the window shield so I guess I will have to go out and start the car early before I leave!

I am thinking.....what all I will need to get completed at school today to be ready for tomorrow!

I am hearing.....nothing right now all is very quiet

I am thankful....that I am healthy and able to go to work each day

I am remembering....not to sweat the little stuff

I am warm up suit something comfy to be able to work in my classroom today lots to do!!

I am have to go to the grocery today I have put it off so long can't wait any longer!

I am be able to start excercising more!

One of my favorite in the morning before I leave for school!

Around the house....youngest daughter is still here until next week when her college classes begin again :)

I am praying....for all those who are out of work at this time and hoping that something will soon come your way!

Everyone have a great day today! If you expect the worst, you will get the worst, if you expect the best you will get that too!! You decide!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011 Everyone!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Years celebration! I am very thankful to have been able to ring in another new year and I am looking forward to great things this year for me! I have decided to try and start a daily journal on my blog. I don't know if I will be able to do it everyday but I am going to give it a shot. We will see how hectic things get when school starts back and how faithful I am to doing this!!

For today-----

Outside my window -- it is raining heard some thunder around 2 am and 5 am.

I am thinking-- about how this year is going to be so much better than last year

I am hearing -- nothing much right now dogs are quiet and resting outside

I am thankful -- to have my family who has been my rock for the past 6 months

I am remembering -- to treasure the little things

I am wearing -- a shirt and shorts (yes it is on the warm side here this morning in TN.)

I am going -- to try and declutter some today since it's the new year and get some school work done

I am praying -- that all those who continue to hold grudges will learn to let go and live their lives to the fullest Life is too short!

Around the house -- finally have all the Christmas decorations put up until next year!

One of my favorite things -- Couponing and saving money!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone has a very great and safe Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lauren's College Graduation

My oldest daughter, Lauren received her B.S. degree in Elementary Education from Middle Tenn State University this past Saturday! So very proud of her :)

This is Lauren with her boyfriend, Ben!
I am so proud of both of my daughters! Leah is a freshman at Tenn. Tech University and now Lauren is a graduate of MTSU! Can you tell that I am a proud mom??

Laurens roommates are education majors too and they all graduated at the same time!! Isn't that too special!! I thought they did a great job decorating their graduation hats!
I wanted to make the graduation cake for the girls to have at their party that they had that evening.
This is a picture with my mom aka- Gran!

So very proud of you Lauren and all your accomplishments! Congratulations on your new teaching job too!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Very Proud Mom!!!

Here is Lauren at her Granny's. She is 4 years old and "teaching up a storm" to someone or anyone who would listen and be her students !! :) Little did we know........

Here is Lauren at 22 years old and we have such great news to share with our blogging friends!! She will be graduating this month from MTSU! Receiving her B.S. in Elementary Education! The best news of all is that she was notified at the end of last week that she has been hired as the new 2nd grade teacher at an elementary school located close to where she is now living and has been doing her student teaching!! We are sooo very proud of her!! Lauren has always loved teaching as you can see from the picture above! It just goes to show that when you are small the things you are interested in usually end up being your career in your adult life!! Love you so much Lauren and so very proud of you!

More prayers needed!!

As another week begins there are several who are needing prayers this week. I am asking that you please include them as you say your prayers please.

Lecredia Woodlee Rutledge (my teaching assistant) father Jewell is in serious condition at this time

Chad Crabtree

Andy Dunn

Aubrey Haley

Monday, November 29, 2010


There is a special little boy, Andy who will be returning to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital this week for his extensive round of tests that he has to undergo on a regular basis to check to see if the "c" word is still gone from his system.
Please keep Andy and his family in your prayers that he will remain cancer free! God has answered prayers for this family and he will continue to embrace them.
Also, please keep in your prayers Amy who just lost her husband in a motorcycle accident this past weekend. They laid him to rest today. She is a wonderful, sweet woman. She kept my oldest daughter when she was little when I had to go to the football games at the high school.
I am also praying for all who need prayers at this time! There are many who are hurting, undergoing treatments, family problems, sick not only physically but mentally and those who have no families during the holiday season.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Fresh New Start!!!

Seems like I have been out of the blogging world for quite some time now. I have had a lot of changes happen in my life since the middle of summer. With the biggest change being the mid-life divorce that I have been going through and is now final after being married for 27 years. That is why I have decided to add on the "new beginnings" to my blog title. Because life it too short to not move on to bigger and happier times and that is exactly what I am doing. Life is too short and I intend on living my life to the fullest and be much happier than I have been in many years!! I don't know what I would have done if I had not had the support of my daughters, mom, sister, other family members, my close friends and my church family! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing by me and helping me get through the hardest thing that I have EVER had to get through in my entire life! But you know what??? I made it and I am stronger than ever! I just hope that I can in return help someone else that is having to go through a mid life divorce like myself one day.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Prom 2010

Our daughter, Leah with her date Mason to their senior prom!

These pictures were taken in Mason's yard. Aren't the azeleas beautiful??? Such a great place to take special pictures!

These pictures were taken inside the gym at our civic center where they prom took place. The colors were teal, black and silver. The theme of their prom was called "A Black Tie Affair".

I thought the waterfall made out of balloons was so cute! :)

These are Leah's friends who were on the dance team with her and are seniors as well. Aren't they all beautiful girls? They all went together to eat and enjoyed riding in the stretch limo that held 20 people! Whew a tight squeeze for sure but fun!