Monday, September 29, 2008

Warren Co. High School Homecoming Week

It is Homecoming week at Warren Co. High School and there is lots of excitement into getting all the floats ready for the big parade on Friday. We are so proud of our youngest daughter, Leah. She was selected by the Junior class as one of the Jr. Homecoming attendants. Her friend, Allison Chilton was also selected as one of the Jr. attendants. Leah will be escorted by Dillion Blair and Allison will be escorted by Rudy Cotten.

All of these Juniors are such good friends of Leah's. Allison is on the dance team with her. Dillion is a friend from Midway and the ballpark/games this summer and Rudy is one of her wakeboard friends from the river.

The parade begins Friday at 12:30 p.m. It will start at the Blue Building and it will end at the Farmers Market. It is not a very long parade this time. If you are wanting to see it, you need to stand somewhere along main street by the fountain or close by.

I am sure that we will be spending several hours this week in getting the Junior float finalized. We are playing the Cumberland Co. Jets. During halftime will be the presentation of the Homecoming Court and a Homecoming Queen and King will be selected.

Good Luck to the Warren Co. Pioneers this week!!

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