Saturday, September 27, 2008

Too fast.......

Tell me why weekends just go by too fast??? I look forward to Friday's so much and then before I turn around it is Monday again! I try so hard to get things done that I haven't been able to do during the week and they still don't seem to all get done.
Oh well, fall break will be coming up pretty soon. Maybe things will get done then.
I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. The weather has sure been nice and cooler. Open those windows up and let the fresh air in!! Electric bills will be going up starting next month. We need to save all the electricity we can. I dread seeing the next bill.


Sheila said...

Hey Susan I added you to my friends list! I love the pics. of your beautiful girls.

Danielle said...

Welcome to blog world. It was great seeing you at church this morning!

The Tubb Family said...


Your post are great! I could never tell a friend something negative about their blogging! Keep up the good posting! Aren't you glad we have the Freedom of Speech!