Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've been tagged twice!

Ok I guess I am going to have to do this since I have been tagged by Kim and Debbie.

7 facts about myself.... strange/weird or unusual/funny

1. I think that I am probably in the Guinness book of world records! LOL!
I was on the Pioneerettes dance team in high school and so have my 2 daughters. I am the only past dance team member that has 3 generations of family being members of the dance team! Hummm boy this is really telling my age!

2. It absolutely drives me crazy for my husband to leave his chest of drawers open with clothes hanging out of them. How hard is it to shut the drawers??? Shezzzz????

3. Another thing that drives me crazy is when I work so hard to wash/dry/and fold my families clothes. They have a spot on a shelf for my husband and daughter to go and get them and take them up to their appropriate places. Well the problem is they never will come and get them and they continue to PILE UP and this is what I hear........" I don't have room in my chest of drawers to put them or in my closet!! NOT ENOUGH ROOM??? I guess that is because they have wadded up the clothes that are in their drawers and shoving them shut that is if they get shut!

4. I love to cook but hate to clean up my mess!

5. I can't stand to wear panty hose anytime of the year!

6. When I retire my dream job would be to move to Florida, work at Disney World and be the Fairy God Mother. That way everyone would love you and all the children would want hugs and your autograph. Everyone is happy at Disney World ya know.

7. I was on Candid Camera a long time ago back when I was in high school. The dance team got the opportunity to go to a taping of the show and guess who Alan Funt pulls out of the audience to be on TV??? yes me!! I was sooo embarrassed. I don't remember what he asked me but I did get to see it when it aired on TV.

8. I have to add one more thing! Another funny high school memory. When I was on the dance team we were performing at Tenn. Tech. Well I forgot my bloomers and they were red. Boy I was panicking! Well my best friend, Pam happened to have some red underwear and you guessed it....she let me borrow them. We sure didn't tell Ms. Patti though. I think I finally told her many years later and we had a good laugh out of it!

I now tag ..... Joy, Paula B. and Sheila


Ashley said...

LOL your things are so cute and funny... i love the bloomers one, being a cheerleader can relate! :) I wish I stayed on the team like lauren and leah did!

Sheila said...

Susan you are too funny, I love working with you, and you win the best story teller ever. The funniest part is, it is true life stories. lol
Have a blessed weekend.