Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Sugar Cookies! Yum! Yum!

As you can see we had a fun-filled day cutting out Christmas cookies and then decorating them! We have not done this in forever it seemed! Lauren now knows a good self-help skill --- she now knows how to roll out dough with the flour and rolling pin!

Lauren, Scott and Leah had the best time decorating their Gingerbread cookie!
They wanted to have a competition to see which one would win the best decorated so.....they asked my husband to judge (because he was not around when they did this). The winning Gingerbread cookies was.......
SCOTT'S!!! If you notice, his cookie even had stripped pants on!
Lauren's and Leah's was great as well. We all had a blast!

Lauren had fun decorating a gingerbread man for her Dad. He works out at the gym so Lauren made his cookie have "a six pack", arm muscles and added some extra hair on top where his actually is!! LOL! I decorated my own gingerbread mom. Nothing special as you can see but did add some white hair which I have a little of right now!

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