Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Work I Go!!!

Well I am not off to a good start with my daily journal entries am I??? Well I have a good excuse.....after church yesterday my mom and I headed to Murfreesboro to see my daughter and her new classroom plus we got in a little shopping as well!! I will do better today even though I have to go back to school but just for inservice today. My sweet, precious preschoolers will be back tomorrow!!

Monday, Jan. 3, 2011

For today.......

Outside my window....It looks very cold! There is ice on the window shield so I guess I will have to go out and start the car early before I leave!

I am thinking.....what all I will need to get completed at school today to be ready for tomorrow!

I am hearing.....nothing right now all is very quiet

I am thankful....that I am healthy and able to go to work each day

I am remembering....not to sweat the little stuff

I am warm up suit something comfy to be able to work in my classroom today lots to do!!

I am have to go to the grocery today I have put it off so long can't wait any longer!

I am be able to start excercising more!

One of my favorite in the morning before I leave for school!

Around the house....youngest daughter is still here until next week when her college classes begin again :)

I am praying....for all those who are out of work at this time and hoping that something will soon come your way!

Everyone have a great day today! If you expect the worst, you will get the worst, if you expect the best you will get that too!! You decide!!!

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