Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For today.......

For today.......

Outside my window.... It looks very cold again outside! There is ice on the window shield so I have already gone out and started the car to warm!! Weatherman says there might be some light white stuff late this afternoon. We'll see....

I am thinking.....need to get started on Lauren's curtains for her classroom this afternoon!

I am hearing.....the dogs fussing with one another outside

I am thankful....for coffee every morning!!

I am remembering....not to forget my lunch today!

I am wearing.... blue jeans/white shirt/lime green blouse (my favorite)

I am try and start exercising more this afternoon!

I am hoping....that everyone will have a great day!

One of my favorite things......All You magazine!

Around the house....youngest daughter is still here until next week when her college classes begin again :)

I am praying....for all those who are undergoing treatments at this time for cancer and other related illnesses

Everyone have a great day today! If you expect the worst, you will get the worst, if you expect the best you will get that too!! You decide!!!

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