Monday, January 10, 2011

Wow it's a Winter Wonderland Outside!!!!!!

Woke up to a beautiful, white snow this morning!! It is sticking to the trees and my dogs look like they don't have a clue what to do! Of course, we do not have school today and probably won't the rest of the week since it is not supposed to get out of the low 30's all week and in the teens at night here in Tennessee.

It looks like we might have 6 inches of snow right now and more on the way between today and tomorrow!! I wish the girls were still small and were home to enjoy the day out playing and sledding in the snow. When they were growing up, we just did not get that much snow at all and they got to sled very little. Oh well, maybe they will find friends to sled with in Cookeville and Murfreesboro today and get to enjoy it ;)

Everyone stay warm and enjoy some hot chocolate today!

For today.......

Outside my window.... Beautiful snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About 6 inches!! and still going strong!

I am chocolate would be good right now!!

I am hearing.....nice and quite

I am thankful....that I have a job (teaching) that when it is bad weather I do not have to get out and drive in it like many people do. I hope everyone stays safe!

I am remembering....what fun I had when I was younger sledding down the hill in the back of my house!

I am wearing.... Still in my PJ's!

I am start on my new sewing project for a teacher at Lauren's school. Fixing her curtains!

I am hoping....that we have some snow days from school next week! (looks like my wish from last week has come true!)

One of my favorite things......Being snowed in and can't go anywhere! (same with this comment from last week! I am def snowed in!!)

Around the house....All is quite here now. Leah went on back to Cookeville last night with my encouraging. I was afraid that she would not make it back if she waited to go sometime closer to Thursday when her classes start! So glad she went on back for sure!

I am praying....that everyone stays safe if traveling in snowy weather today!

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