Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rae and Scott's Wedding Shower

Congratulations to Scott and Rae Boutte'! We had a great time at the wedding shower!! Myself, Carolyn, Sandra, Laura, Susan P., Penny and Treva hosted the shower for them. We have all worked together at some point during our careers whether it be in the preschool lab at the high school or coaching together for the dance team. Thanks to everyone who attended! It was just like a reunion. Everyone had a great time catching up and visiting with one another.
Here's the proud dad and mom --aka- Tommy and Patti with Scott and Rae.

We thought our table decorations looked great and very classy. Patti helped us with the flower decorations! I know we tried to tell her that she is the mother of the bride and DID NOT need to do that but.... you know Patti!! LOL!
Rae and Scott got sooooo many nice gifts. I would say that she has just about all of her stainless and her dishes now.

Here is the gift that I had Brandie make from Dream Custom Artwork blog. I just love it! I am thinking about getting me one for myself for our home. We ended up putting it at the guest register table. I think I have a picture on down of that.

More pretty table decorations! Joy from Simply Joy Catering made the great cake. We used the colors pale yellow and white for the shower. Take a look at her blog -- and check out the cake on her blog header. It was beautiful!

Here's Meagan, Rae's sister-in-law and best friend along with Lauren. I am thankful to have Meagan and her husband, aka - Charlie Clarke in the boro in case Lauren needs them. We all have fun at the "Better Than Nothin" place of Tommy and Patti's during the summer. That's were I hang out in my floating chair! LOL!

Isn't this pretty?

I absolutely love this picture!! Rae was having such a good time visiting with friends at the shower that she had not seen in such a long time, that we finally told Scott that he was going to have to start opening or we would never get through! Needless to say.....I think he had a great time!

The all smiles kitchen crew helping out! Sandra, Susan, Laura and Carolyn

I really liked this picture of mother and daughter!

Family friends! Melinda and JoAnn

and more friends!

It was a great day enjoyed by all! Rae and Scott we wish you a life-time of happiness together!
We love you all!


Simply Joy Catering said...


We had an awesome day and what made it so special was seeing how happy Scott and Rae Rae are! Yes, it was just like one big happy family reunion. I really enjoyed myself! I loved getting to know Scott better. It's amazing how he knew Uncle Robert as the Principal of Ft. Walton Beach High School when he was a student there. Scott is a keeper!

Thank you for the compliments on my cake and my other goodies!

You're a great friend!


Brandie said...

Thank you, Susan, for ordering the canvas from me and then also for sharing the pictures. I was so happy to do it for Rae and her new husband. I remember Rae as being this little thing with that beautiful long white blonde hair. She has grown into a lovely young lady. I am so happy for her and her whole family. You all looked so happy! I am glad the shower went well. Thanks again!

The Tubb Family said...


The pix above...those ladies looked tickled pink to be eating cake! Ya Think?


Susan said...

Yes Joy, the lady on the left is Carolyn's daughter, Sherri. I didn't know if you were introduced to her or not.
Everyone had a very large time that day!
Wish we could do it again!