Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Many Sick at this time......

Goodness there seems to be so many family members of those who I am friends with very sick at this time or hurting. Please keep the following people and family members in your prayers at this time.
Hazel Griffith - Joy Tubb's mom she has a compression fracture in her lower back. She is 85 and in a lot of pain and cannot hardly walk. She is scheduled to go to Nashville later this week.
Katie "Pooh" Tubb pulled a Leah Grandey yesterday and bruised her tailbone real bad. Thank goodness is it not broken but she is still in as much pain as if it were broken. She had to come and borrow a nice cushion that Leah had to use today. Hopefully it will help. That kind of injury just takes time to heal. Just be patient Katie.
The Mark and Debbie Haley family - Mark's dad, Harris and Debbie's mom, Frances are in the hospital at this time.
The Joe Adam's family - Joe is in very serious condition right now and needs many prayers. His wife is Tommye and daughters Cindy and Carol.

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