Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 2 - Animal Kingdom

That's Mt. Everest the great roller coaster ride in the far distance. It is an awesome roller coaster and makes you laugh so much!
This is the "vine lady." She is camouflaged up so good to look like a part of the tree. She was on stilts and moving so slowly. We loved watching her!

Isn't he sweet? He actually wasn't asleep.(If you click on the picture of him, you can see his face so much better when it is enlarged.) He has his "gorilla hands" laying under his head just like we would do. We loved watching him too and the other gorillas eating.

The "goofies" with Goofy!

The Tree of Life. They said that there were 360 something animals carved into this tree.

The Safari Hunters! Look below what they saw!

We had a great time at Animal Kingdom! It has become my favorite Disney park to visit. I will post more pics when I return from church tonight! Come back and visit again!

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