Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Disney hotel and other random pics

Isn't this view of the clouds just breath taking from the plane??

Leah standing on the "L" at the All Star Resort.

Riding the Disney bus to one of the parks.

Our hotel at All Star Music

One of the two pools at our hotel.

The dragon made out of Legos at Downtown Disney.

Leah and friends

Laci, Leah, Scott and Lauren

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The Tubb Family said...


I could just pinch Lauren, Leah, & Scott's cheeks. They have the most adorable smiles. You can tell that they were having fun! (If it had been me and you....those smiles would have been mischievious smiles, cause we'd be into something fun!)

Thanks for being such a good friend to me! I appreciate your help with the Valentine's Progressive Dinner (all of your Martha Stewart decorating too)and for helping me with my kids while we are out of town. Tell Leah that Dillon knows what to do tomorrow when I text both of them! Thanks a TON! I owe You!!!