Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Need to continue to "Spread the Love"

Thanks so much to Joy with "Simply Joy Catering" for nominating me with a spread the love award. I love my job and taking care of and educating those precious "20" 4 year olds that I have in my classroom. Everyday is different and that's what I love so much about my job. Also, you can't hardly beat seeing those smiling faces each morning. It would make anyone's day!!

I am nominating 3 other people who I think "spread the love" each and every day. They are:
1. Paula Morris who also takes care of those precious children at Pre-Pioneer Daycare. She has lots of love to go around too!

2. Katie Tubb who is a student at Centertown Elem. She is a great friend to all her fellow basketball players, dancers and friends in the youth group at Westwood. I remember when Katie was maybe 4 years old and I taught her to write her name on vacation in Florida. She is left handed and so am I so her mom was thrilled that I helped her out on that for sure!!

3. Danielle Sliger who is a friend and fellow teacher. I first met Danielle in the Leadership McMinnville class and it has been so nice seeing her at church and continuing our friendship. She is another one of those special teachers who spreads the love in educating our children!

Have a great rest of the week! It's hump and and won't be long until Friday is here!


Paula said...

Thanks for nominating me. You are a very sweet person. Check out my blog to see my nominations.
Love, Paula

The Craven's said...

YAY! Mrs. Grandey is blogworld? I'm so excited! Guess who is coming to spend one whole month with you? I will give you one guess....(he..he..) See you soon!