Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Fall Ya'll !!

This week has sure been an indication that fall is here! The weather has started to be quite cool in the morning. Esp. when you have to scrape the ice off of the window sheild!!
Up in the day has been wonderful. The children at school have had a great time playing outside and not getting so hot.
I sure am enjoying my new fall wreath. If you look closely, you will see the "Happy Harvest" painted artwork in my wreath. I got that at the Autumn Street Fair from Brandie at Dream Custom Artwork. She gave me the idea to stick it in my wreath and it turned out great!
Ya'll have a great weekend! Please keep Westwood's youth group in your prayers. They are on their youth retreat this weekend in Dandridge, Tn. (close to Pigeon Forge). Leah and all her buddies I'm sure are having a great time!


Paula B. said...

The wreath is beautiful.
It has got a little nippy lately, but I LOVE IT. I am sooo hot natured.
Casey and Corey didn't get to go on the retreat this time (for reasons we could not control)but will be going next time. Everyone is having a good time (so far) on the trip though.
Beth is keeping me up to date on EVERYTHING that is going on. Have a great day.

Brandie said...

Um....will you come and take pictures for my blog? That picture looks better than any of mine! Good job and thanks for sharing!