Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bob That Head!!!

What an AWESOME STAGE!! The guys moved around the stage the whole time during the concert so that everyone had a great seat!
As we were leaving we saw Holly from MyKidsChaos and her sister Mandy. She will probably have some things posted on her blog as well.
The opening number!
We had great seats!

This was showing on the screens as they sang "Life is a Highway."
I don't think I would want this guys job!! Before Rascal Flatts came on they made their way up there and strapped themselves in to do the spot lights! I can say this.....they were up wayyyyy to high for me. Made me nervous pervous!!

Taylor Swift on the big screen!
She did a great job and said she was glad to be back at home in Tennessee!
Sitting in the section next to us were some other friends. There was room so they moved down and set next to us!!
We were so excited to find out that some of our hometown girls who are Predators Professional Hockey dancers were going to be helping out with some back up dancing numbers with Rascal Flatts!! In the picture is Jena (who's sister Lacey is a friend of Lauren's, Jen (who is our choreographer for our high school dance team), Holly, who is like a daughter to me. She has been a life long friend of my daughter, Lauren. I love her dearly. She is like a daughter to me and then of course is Leah and her friend, Laci (I don't know what she was looking at?????)
We are proud of you girls, you did a great job!
Laci's mom, Missie and I had a good time at the concert as well. We ate at Joe's Crab Shack before the concert and it was great!

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