Sunday, October 12, 2008

Recognizing a great coach!

Yesterday afternoon the dance team booster organization as well as the girls on the dance team were able to pull off a big surprise for Ms. Shockley. She has been working with the dance team as director/coach since 1996. Well she took a few years off to rest but joined us again a few years ago. She was hired as the new 10th grade principal at our high school this school year and had to unfortunately give up coaching the dance team.
In the picture above, are the junior members of the dance team. Allison, Kayann, Ms. Shockley, Lindsey, Laci and Leah.
The girls as well as parents wanted to give her a big surprise party to thank her so much for all her dedication and many extra hours that she has put in working with the girls. She was on the dance team during high school as well. And believe it or not I was one of her coaches along with Patti Clarke. We also wanted it to be a congratulations party as well for being selected as the principal. We think that is a great honor esp. with some 1800 students at our high school.
We had a great cake that was made by Joy Tubb at Simply Joy Catering. You can find her blog on my list of favorites.
Everyone had a great time! Thanks for Ms. Shockley's sister and mom for helping us pull it off and for providing us with all the pictures to decorate with.
Thanks again for everything Penny!! We all love you and appreciate you so much!

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Paula said...

Seeing these girls all grown up breaks my heart.
David and I were just saying at the ballgame the other night how much they have changed since kindergarten.
Next year they will be seniors. Boy, How time flies.Great picture.
Love, Paula