Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finally we have Rain!!!!

I was trying to remember today when the last time that we got a good soaking rain and it has been so long I just couldn't remember. We were blessed today with some rain. I hope that it continues to rain all through the night.

Of course with it raining, that means that we probably won't be able to take the children outside to play in the morning but that is okay. We can work around that problem.

Today is hump day for us at school. We will not be having school on Friday due to teacher inservce and this Thursday is Parent/Teacher conference from 3-6.

I usually see my parents every day so I am not sure how many might return on Thursday afternoon. I love talking to my parents and they are eager to help out in anyway they can. Not only with things at school but working with their child as well. I have a lot of great grandparents who help out a lot too.

Fall Break will be all next week! I am so excited. We have not gotten a whole week off in the fall before. My oldest daughter will have her fall break on Monday and Tuesday as well. We are looking forward to that!!

Everyone have a nice Wednesday tomorrow!

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