Monday, October 13, 2008

Tis the Season......

Well it's that time of year again to start watching for those who love to come and decorate your yard with that pretty white stuff they call toliet paper!!
A good clue would be if your dogs start barking when they normally are quiet. That's what happened to us tonight and it was fairly early too. I mentioned to Leah that I bet someone was rolling our yard and she said Nah it's too early for someone to be doing that!!! Well low and behold here comes Leah's friend Haley flying in the house saying that as she was pulling up someone fell out of the tree!!!
Opps hope they weren't hurt!!
She also gave a description of the vehicle and it was a tan Tahoe. Hummmm I have a pretty good idea who the driver might have been!!


The Tubb Family said...


It wasn't any of us....I guarantee it!


Paula said...

You must really be loved!
Having two teenage children at the High school,you tend to get your yard rolled at least 4 times (sometimes more) each Halloween.
Every time I have questioned -my rollers- I get told the same thing "WE LOVE YOU MRS. PAULA" So Mrs. Susan :YOU MUST BE LOVED:

The Tubb Family said...

Well, after seeing your nephew Tyler Bell in Wal-Mart, he's given us a new idea! Thank Goodness for the younger generation, sometimes "They Come On In There!".