Thursday, March 12, 2009

Great News!!

We are so thankful to hear that John's procedure went great today and he does not have any blockages!!! The problem that is occurring is the pressure that his sleep apnea is putting on his heart. That is especially when you "are not" wearing your Darth Vader mask at night like you are supposed to!! LOL!

Thank goodness it was just something as minor as this and he did not have to have anything major done.

I guess he will be up and back to the grind umpiring next week again. I guess the ole saying goes..... You can't keep a good man down!!! Lots were praying for you today John!! We are sooooo glad everything turned out they way they did!

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The Tubb Family said...

Thank You Thank You Thank You for all of the uplifting phone calls, text, posts, and especially your prayers and friendship! You really do see who your true friends are when an illness hits.

The Big Dog had decided a couple of weeks ago to get back on that CPAP machine, but the damage that can be done without using it is evident!

We are so excited to have good news! Our prayers have been answered! Boy....prayer....and there are those who don't believe in God. I can testify that there is a God and he is a mighty God!

I am so proud to know you and your family and knowing that you are much more to us than're FAMILY!

I am also soooooo excited for you and your family! I can't wait for "the cat to be let out of the bag" Sunday!

Thanks for being YOU!